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Wednesday, 29 September 2010
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Vera falls under the plant category of succulents, and needs little more than good soil, proper drainage and timely watering to grow successfully. Closely related to the cactus, anything below a freezing temperature will damage or kill the plant. Believed to have originated in Africa, over 250 different species of the plant have been recorded. The size of plant varies from less than one inch to over 60 centimeters. Simply pull the beets out of the ground, but, when removing the tops, leave an inch or two attached to the roots so they will not bleed. Beets for storage are often left in the ground until just before the first frost. Those being used for long storage should have their tops cut off close to the roots. Individual leaves are then picked off and eaten one by one, starting at the outside. The thickened bottom portion of the leaf is dipped in melted butter or a basil vinaigrette and its fleshy part stripped between the teeth. When all the leaves have been eaten and the hairy 'choke' at the heart removed, the meaty and delicious artichoke heart-the best part of the plant-reveals itself. Christopher Lloyd, the world-renowned British gardener, said that for the first five years after planting, 'there's nothing to talk about.' Nothing to talk about! Dear Mr. Lloyd was very advanced in years when he wrote those immortal lines. Gongs-A garden gong is a unique garden accessory which not only creates voyeuristic appeal but also has a great utility value. It could be hung onto the tree branches to on the patio or verandah and used as a door bell. They are also said to create positive energies in and around the house, so carry a great spiritual value as well. Garden lights-Garden lighting is an essential element of any florists yellow pages garden used as means of safety and also to highlight some essential features such as leaves, flowers or a particular corner of the garden. Garden lightings are available in traditional and contemporary designs.

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